Holistic food is food in its’ original state as found in nature. It is unprocessed, without additives. It is food that nourishes and rejuvenates a person as a whole, providing benefits to the body, the mind and the soul, strengthening the immune system.

It retains its natural properties throughout the course of preparation. In their natural state, foods are made up of the five basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space - creating balance through a flavorful combination of the six tastes (bitter, salty, pungent, hot, sour, and sweet) into a delicious meal.

This is because all tissues in the body are energy reserves. Body creates energy from the food we eat. Fresh food has life energy described in ancient Indian texts as prana. Prana is a healing energy. When not eaten with positive thoughts, you lose the benefits of the prana. Processed foods may have calories, but absolutely no prana.

Here is how one can get maximum benefits from a holistic diet:

1.To get the most of your diet, you have to pay heed to each taste and its impact on you and your taste buds. You have to eat every meal in a happy state of mind. Eat with proper frame of mind. Avoid depression or worry when eating your meals. Monitor your body’s response.

2.Food not only has to be organic, but also the way it is prepared, stored, consumed is important, which can have the impact on our health. Right method of cooking is important. Ensure the food is not over cooked, and natural flavors of each ingredient can be detected. Avoid microwave foods.

3.Read the labels carefully to have organic food without any processing.

4.Change gradually so that changes won’t seem so drastic and difficult to stick with. Remember that holistic nutrition leads to a better quality of life and a higher level of functioning of bodily organs.

5.Avoid junk food and processed food. Avoid food with additives and preservatives.

6.Avoid sugar and caffeine.

7.Drink adequate amounts of pure water, filtered and free of chlorine and other contaminants.

8.Eat whole foods in their natural state as much as possible.