Contact lenses are small visual devices. They are made with curved pieces of plastic shaped in a way to conform directly to the wearer’s eye. Apart from the corrective measures, contact lenses can also be used for cosmetic and therapeutic reasons.

The lenses are made from different types of materials – soft and rigid – and come in a variety of designs and colours. The various lenses include disposable, colored, astigmatic, aphakic, presbyopic and keratoconic.

Contact lenses are capable of correcting most of the problems that spectacles can, as well as some additional ones that glasses cannot. Contact lenses are never in danger of slipping off, getting wet, or fogging up, which can easily happen with spectacles.

Contact lenses give improved vision for people with damaged corneas due to disease or injury. Contact lenses also provide better side vision compared to glasses. Contact lenses, however, need extreme care while handling, unlike conventional lenses.

Here's a list of 11 dos and don'ts to take care of your contact lens:


1) Always wash your hands before removing your contact lens

2) Always keep your lens in your storage case with a sterile multipurpose solution or hydrogen peroxide.

3) Remove your lens from the peroxide solution before wearing them in the morning.

4) Always keep the storage case dry when not in use.

5) Change your storage case regularly, at least once a month.


1) Never re-use the storage solution

2) Avoid washing your storage case or lenses with tap water. This can cause infection.

3) Never store contact lenses in saline solution

4) Never keep lenses in tap water

5) Don't wear contact lens if you have an eye infection, sore eye or a red eye.Avoid wearing your contact lenses while sleeping