Last Thursday, seven men were indicted after the authorities were able to confiscate around 11 tons of marijuana. The bulk of marijuana came last month from Mexico in six rail cars. This has been considered as one of the largest illegal drug busts in the history of Chicago.

After appearing in front of the U.S. District Court, the seven men were imprisoned for charges of conspiracy to possess and distribute marijuana. This is considered as punishable crime with a sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of $4 million.

The said case was announced by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Northern District of Illinois. It has been said that it originated in Eagle Pass, Texas on November 17. The bundles of marijuana were confiscated with the help of Customs and Borders Patrol agents, together with trained dogs. The marijuana was inside a Union Pacific train package.

The U.S. attorney’s office released a statement and said that the bundled marijuana was coated with a thick layer of fine red masonry pigment dust. Indicated on the shipping documents is that it contained titanium pigments. In addition, still on the documents indicated that a company called Comercializadora de Minerale sent the package on the train. This company is said to be located in Jalisco, Mexico. The confiscated marijuana was destined to an invented company named Earth Minerals Cord in Rockdale, Illinois near Chicago.

The agents allowed the said shipment to proceed but kept an eye on it until it was unloaded into an Illinois warehouse and later on shipped to another warehouse through a truck. A wire tapped discussion among the defendants revealed their distribution plans. According to the statement, the agents organized for the delivery of a test train car. They were able to observe how the defendants unloaded it. All in all, the 21,800 pounds of marijuana or equal to nearly 11 tons was estimated to have a value of $22 million. According to the authorities, it is believed that the operation was the most successful in seizing a very large quantity of marijuana in Chicago.

Jack Riley, an agent of Drug Enforcement Administration, said “The estimated $22 million dollars worth of marijuana seized in this joint investigation translates to a significant blow to the availability of marijuana in the region, as well as a denial of illicit proceeds back to those responsible for this shipment.”