As people get older, they will do almost anything to avoid the inevitable collection of face wrinkles that build up over time. While many turn to expensive Botox solutions, you can keep your face toned and wrinkle-free with a pair of headphones. Skin care expert StriVectin and leading anti-aging technology company Bio-Medical Research have combined efforts to develop the Facial Toner Duo, a state-of-the-art skincare product based on FDA-approved Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology.

"Bio-Medical Research has been evaluating many opportunities to take anti-aging to the next level. We're confident a collaboration with StriVectin does just that," Joe Petracca, ‎President at SDI, A Division of Bio-Medical Research Ltd said in a statement. “Both companies specialize in innovative, professional-caliber products developed to address the root signs of aging, so a partnership seemed only natural.”

Although $200 may seem like a steep price for an anti-aging tool, compared to Botox procedures that can reach upward of $1000 the Facial Toning Duo is a bargain. The Facial Toning Duo’s muscle stimulating technology has been the staple of cosmetic doctors and other hi-end anti-wrinkle services for years. Facial nerves are stimulated by soft GelPads that are placed on both sides of the face. This product can be found on and

"Together, Bio-Medical Research Beauty Tools and StriVectin-TL Tightening skincare products come together for the first time to offer the ultimate in anti-aging — improving the appearance of skin both inside and out," said JuE Wong, ‎CEO at StriVectin Operating Company.

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