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  1. You buy people the perfect presents. Useful things, things they needed, things they have always wanted (And they never had to tell you)
  2. You can make anyone believe that you are in love with them. And in turn, they fall in love with you too. When you have a high EQ, you become acutely aware of the things that that person values, qualities they perceive to be favorable in lovers, and their sensitivity. It’s almost like you’ve molded the perfect illusion in their eyes.
  3. You are able to rephrase sentences to project the right emotion or environment. In simpler terms, you think before you speak. You know that words are only a medium to convey actual emotions. Words and sentences can have double meanings. This is the source of where most conflicts arise, when another person thinks that the other has insulted them when really, the person couldn't piece together the appropriate words.
  4. You understand another person better than they do themself. You recognize patterns in their behavior. Why someone does the things they do. What caused them to do it. And in turn, many friends have come to you for advice and leave with an epiphany.

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