Lunch is very important for a healthy life. A wholesome lunch can generate a powerhouse of energy. It not only sustains you for the whole day, but it also helps improve concentration.

We should be careful with the amount of food that we eat at lunch as excess consumption of foods can cause health problems such obesity and indigestion. In an ideal scenario, your lunch should contain vegetables, sprouts, whole grains and fruits. So, here are a few tips that will energize your afternoon with a healthy lunch:

Tip #1: Add more carbs

Eat fiber rich foods like whole wheat bread, sprouts, oranges, cereals, dried beans, peas and prunes. Fiber helps steady blood sugar which in turn slows down your metabolism.

Tip #2: Use dietary fat

Unsaturated fat helps you preserve your energy, absorb fat-soluble nutrients (Vitamin A, D and E), keep down the glucose release and help reduce gastric problems. Fats fill you up fast. Include avocados, olive oil, mayonnaise your lunch.

Tip #3: More lean protein

If you are a vegetarian, add more lean protein to your diet. Lean protein with its low glycemic index help counter the effects of processed carbs. So include more of skinless poultry, fish, tofu, eggs, nuts, legumes, dairy products, lean meat and whole grains.