In a feat that’s becoming increasingly difficult in our gore-obsessed culture, Naomi Kizhner has managed to seriously gross us out. The grad student from Jerusalem has designed a line of jewelry that hooks up to a wearer’s veins and converts their blood’s flow into a mobile cell phone charger. The concept is crazy, to say the least, but the real question is: Does it work?

Kizhner’s project, called "Energy Addicts" consists of three jewelry designs: The Blinker, The E-pulse, and The Blood Bridge, Cosmopolitan reported. The pieces monitor and extract the energy in our eyelid movements and blood flow, and according to Cosmo, could potentially power electronics — that is, if anyone has the nerve to use them.

Thankfully, the jewelry isn’t likely to be available at a boutique near you anytime soon, as Kizhner explains it was merely meant to make us reevaluate our personal relationship with technology. “I wanted to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to 'feed' our addiction in the world of declining resources, " Kizhner told Cosmo, a point that she more than gets across with her equally creepy project-promoting video.

Although Kizhner’s piece may be the most shocking body-energy converter, it's by far not the only. Earlier this year, Korean scientists released their thermoelectric bracelet, capable of turning body heat into electricity. Although not perfected yet, the bracelet’s developers told ABC News that upon completion, they expected their design to power systems such as “automobiles, factories, aircrafts, and vessels” — all without having to touch a single artery.