Struggles with addiction are more serious than ever as people cope with the effects of the pandemic and all the hardships it brought on. Addiction can destroy families and ruin lives if not taken seriously. Entrepreneur Eric Paskin is hoping to help people struggling with addiction through his treatment facility, Restore Health + Wellness Center in Los Angeles.

As someone who previously struggled with addiction himself, Paskin understands what it takes to get sober and power through. The facility incorporates a variety of practices, including both traditional and alternative methods. The staff of professionally trained treatment counselors share Paskin’s goal of helping addicts regain control of their life. Treatment begins with a detox program to help the patients cleanse their bodies and have a clear mind, which allows them to focus on therapy and other tasks that help each patient live a fuller life and control their urges.

The center’s treatment options range from alcohol and drug abuse to behavioral disorders. The diverse regimen of therapies are tailored for each individual and include practices such as art therapy, chiropractic care, exercise, meditation, nutritional therapy, pain management and many more wellness programs. Restore Health + Wellness Center also utilizes more traditional approaches such as diagnosis evaluations, intervention services, relapse prevention, addiction counseling, community involvement and more. An addict’s troubles are often deeply rooted, and it can be challenging to get on the road to recovery at times. Paskin’s treatment center helps patients identify their past triggers or past trauma in order to have hope for a prosperous future.

Paskin urges addicts not to succumb to shame or embarrassment when considering recovery, but that one must work hard to achieve sobriety and seeking help is a very courageous act. After all, Paskin is living proof himself that recovery is possible and that maintaining sobriety can lead you to new heights throughout your life.

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