Marnie-Rae Harvey Bleeds From Eyes, Ears, Fingers, And Other Body Parts 5 times A Day, And No One Knows Why

Marnie-Rae Harvey bleeds up to 5 times every day. Twitter

Marnie-Rae Harvey can’t stop bleeding, and nobody knows why. The British 17-year-old was a normal teenage girl until a couple years ago, when she began bleeding from her eyes, ears, tongue, nose, scalp, and even her fingernails.

“It all started when I was getting headaches and coughing up blood in 2013,” Harvey told Cosmopolitan UK. After rare occurrences of bloodiness for a couple years, in July 2015 she “went to sleep in the afternoon with a really bad migraine, and when I woke up I looked in the mirror and one side of my face was covered in blood.”

Harvey realized the blood was coming from her eye. And from then on, the seemingly one-off experience became anything but — it persisted every day for the next week. Then her ears began to bleed as well. Doctors don’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on.

“All the doctors I have been to have never seen it before,” Harvey said. “I’m clear of blood disorders, blood cancers, brain tumors, and AVMs [arteriovenous malformations]. My womb, uterus, ovaries, and chest scans were all clear too.”

Currently, Marnie bleeds up to five times a day, and suffers from nausea and migraines. She called her condition very frustrating, saying that it keeps her from leaving the house.

“I can’t go to college or get a job or anything, because I feel constantly weak and I can only walk so far without being sick,” she said. “I’m just sick of it. I wish someone just knew what it was so I could get my life back to normal.”