Men who exercise regularly don't just stay healthy and reduce risk of diabetes and stroke, but also improve their sperms in terms of quality and quantity.

Researchers from University of Cordoba in Spain found that men who exercised had better and faster swimming sperms than men who didn't exercise.

"Despite that fact that more studies are needed to confirm these findings, we can suggest exercise to improve the hormonal environment and stimulate the sperm process," said Diana Vaamonde, study leader from University of Cordoba in Spain, to Mail Online.

Researchers found that people taking part in extreme sports have worse sperm parameters than men whose levels of physical activity were normal.

A related study published this year had found that abnormal sperm physiology due to obesity can be reversed by diet and exercise.

Obesity is linked with infertility in men (and women) in many studies. The National Institutes of Health said that men with a higher body mass index were more likely to be infertile than men with normal weight.

Another study found that exercising at higher altitudes reduces sperm concentration but leads to healthy sperms.

Although physical activity is found to be associated with good health, people must talk to their physicians before making any drastic changes to their diet and exercise routine.