Next time when you embark on your routine exercise regimen, make sure that you are doing exactly by what your gym trainer advised; otherwise it is likely that may develop arthritis. Because unguided exercise could land you up in the physician's surgery than helping to ramp up your vitals.

Experts say that exercises without proper supervision or guidance could be harmful to certain regions of the body especially to the knee joints. The knee joints are the region where most of the body weight exerts pressure on.

Wrong way of doing exercises can lead to cartilage damage, ligament injury, muscles injury and tendonitis. Injuries if repeated over time put undue pressure on knee joint. This repeated damage could even lead to early onset of the chronic joint disease arthritis.

Even small knee injuries such as ligament tear can cause degeneration of the joint over a period of time, in case it is ignored and left untreated. So, it is advised that one should not act negligent to even to minor injury like ligament tear and should always exercise under supervision of experts.

In case of such injuries, even if they are very small, the person should be told to the instructor. Similarly, while doing exercise if some injury, pain or swelling happens, the activity must be stopped immediately and apply ice on the affected area, take sufficient rest and consult a practitioner if the pain continues.

Also, the person should disclose any sustained injuries or ailment he/she is suffering from to the gym instructor. Negligence of symptoms resulting from tendon injuries etc might develop problems in walking long distances, climbing stairs, sitting cross-legged, warned orthopeadicians.

Those who are suffering from knee joint problems should avoid jogging and yoga till the condition is fully controlled. They should avoid sitting squatting position and sitting in chair for long hours. Ideally, all form of exercises including yoga should be practised early in the morning. The person should also take special care to have a diet that includes calcium, vitamin and vegetables.

Arthritis cases from knee injury have increased by 30-40% during the past two years. The most common symptoms are pain, swelling and redness in the knee joint. The person will also find it difficult to walk because of the pain, stated Dr H S Batth, a senior consultant in the department of Orthopaedics at Cosmo Hospital, Mohali in a report.

It has been observed that most people suffering from this health condition are youths or people above 40 years of age.