When New York City comedian Fabrizio Goldstein tweeted out, "I'm teaching SoulCycle classes to homeless people in New York City using parked CitiBikes," most people thought it was a joke. Even when the tweet ended with, "I'M BEING SERIOUS."

The self-proclaimed "Fat Jew" is utilizing the city's new transportation program known as CitiBike, a bike sharing network that allows users to pick up a bicycle at any one of the strategically placed docking stations all over Manhattan.

Although the bikes are locked in place and cannot be accessed without a specific passcode, Goldstein is taking advantage of the fact they can still pedal while docked.

The Crosby Press posted a video featuring one of these SoulCycle spin classes at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The portly comedian can be seen, protruding belly exposed, beside seemingly homeless street dwellers shouting inspirational phrases like "work it, you're worth it" and "this a cardio party."

So what was Goldstein's motivation behind this unorthodox fitness regime?

"I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies," he said.

"I'm extremely fat but my core is strong," he tweeted.

Next time you're looking for a quick spin class to burn some calories and kick start that metabolism, check out "The Fat Jew" Twitter account to find out where the next SoulCycle will be located. Don't worry about the $35 spin classes cost on average — it's free of charge.