It’s no secret that substance abuse and drug addiction are big problems in America. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the most recent 2012 data showed an estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older —  or 9.2 percent of the population — had used an illicit drug or abused a psychotherapeutic medication. The unfortunate part is that the number of users constantly increases. Most of this can be attributed to marijuana because other drugs such as cocaine did see a decrease in the past few years from 2007 to 2012.

The 2012 survey also showed the amount of people using illegal drugs in just one month was in the hundreds of thousands. Meth users in one month accounted for 300,000 Americans, while Americans using hallucinogens were 1.1 million, and cocaine users made up 1.6 million.

In an effort to show the physical changes that a person endures with prolonged drug use and addiction, has put together an infographic called, “More Than Meth, Faces of Drug Arrests.” Some of the images are shocking and graphic, but they do depict real consequences. 

1BnHYVl - Imgur Melinda, 40; 7-year arrest history 1emjZD1 - Imgur Linda, 34; 12-year arrest history SizDw38 - Imgur Leslie, 33; 14-year arrest history Npp1szZ - Imgur Herbie, 33; 17-year arrest history MRoYvUc - Imgur Shari, 49; 12-year arrest history i86lYix - Imgur Amy, 35; 10-year arrest history Gn5V5Yz - Imgur Michael, 54; 10-year arrest history GefVJON - Imgur Mary, 22; 4-year arrest history Bi7fqx5 - Imgur Wayne, 33; 3-year arrest history 6CT8Vdh - Imgur Edward, 41; 5-year arrest history 6mQDVF7 - Imgur Crystal, 33; 2-year arrest history ADSjdQd - Imgur Chelsea, 24; 1-year arrest history


If you or someone you know has a drug addiction problem, please contact the number below:

1-800-662-HELP in the U.S. to reach a free referral helpline from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.