There has been no shortage of oddball fitness inventions over the past couple of decades, but the Facial Fitness Pao may take the cake. Although the minds behind this unique piece of exercise equipment in Japan promise stronger facial muscles after two 30 second Facial Fitness Pao sessions a day, looking like an airplane is flying out of your mouth could be a bit of a turn off. However, if we have learned anything from the Shake Weight, Thighmaster, and the Dumbbell Phone it’s that people will spend money on the strangest products in the name of fitness.

While The Facial Fitness Pao may look ridiculous flailing up and down in your mouth, Japanese inventors may be on to something with a device to strengthen facial muscles. According to experts, the face is home to at least 43 individual muscles that are responsible for a range of emotions. Thanks to aging and certain conditions, facial muscles tend to weaken over time leading to wrinkles and a droopy expression. Out of a fear of looking older, many people turn to expensive Botox procedures that often make the situation worse. Suddenly a Shake Weight for your mouth doesn’t seem that bad.

A survey conducted by The Facial Fitness Pao’s manufacturers revealed the 94 percent of participants has achieved the results they desired, even though a survey given to people who witnessed Facial Fitness Pao users with the device in their mouth would have been much more interesting. At $19.99, this unorthodox workout apparatus is obviously a bargain compared to Botox. The Facial Fitness Pao is currently only available in Japan, but thanks to American consumerism we’re sure you’ll be able to get your hands, or should I say mouth, on one in the near future.