Marketing of any kind is supposed to engage an audience by making a product or service more appealing to the consumer. Companies have been doing this for years with clever advertising campaigns. Industry giants can be considered the Mad Men of food advertising because of the way they portray how foods make it from farm to table to many unsuspecting buyers.

Factory farming is a big aspect of the food industry, and it has become a way that many of us obtain our daily meals. Rearing and shearing animals in large amounts has seemingly become a necessity because of certain demands and a growing population.

A video produced by the Catsnake Film agency portrays just how these deceptions are carried out. While the presenter is an actress (and not a real marketing specialist), the audience and facts are real, the video states. The actor, Kate Cooper, describes the “willful ignorance” that many people succumb to because they want to. One example she gives is the use of terms like “100% natural, farm fresh, and butcher’s choice.”

She says that these target phrases are often seen on labels but, “it doesn't mean very much.” “We see that on the label, we feel a bit more confident. But let's have a look at what a farm really looks like. It probably looks like that,” said Cooper as she pulls up a photograph of cows stuck together side-by-side in a factory. “Now this is a concentrated animal feeding operation. I'm going to run that past you again. It's a concentrated animal feeding operation. That's not going to look great on a label, hence we use farm fresh.”

Cooper gives more examples of how marketers use wording and syntax to hide the real gruesome truth of factory farming.

“The power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated,” Cooper concluded. This is systemized cruelty on a massive scale and we only get away with it because everyone is prepared to look the other way.”