For as long as there have been drug tests, there have been people trying to beat them; from professional athletes to run-of-the-mill pot smokers. Many of them have failed, such as those who have tried to mask their drug use by drinking bleach and the two guys who stored clean urine in a toothpaste tube in an attempt to hid it from a corrections officer. However, just as there have been failures at every level of ingenuity, there have also been successes. And of course, the most successful strategy is not doing drugs at all.

Fake Pee

Synthetic urine — as horrible as it sounds — can help people beat workplace drug tests. According to local Fox station KDVR in Denver, Colo., sales of the product, which is banned in some states, increased in that region after the state legalized recreational drug use. “The chemical properties in the premixed urea are nearly identical to the real deal,” KDVR said. The popular item “can be bought at just about any tobacco shop or marijuana dispensary.” The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers reportedly sent the synthetic urine to real screening labs used by employers and passed the tests, with the labs unable to tell the urine was fake.

Fake Penis

The Internet is full of products designed to help people cheat who need a clean urine sample cheat. The most famous might be The Original Whizzinator, which rose to prominence after a running back for the Minnesota Vikings was caught with the device at an airport several years ago. It includes a fake penis, bladder, and athletic cup that can be filled with a friend’s fresh and clean urine sample (or even the fake pee described above).

Ingredient in Fruit Juice

A writer for Thrillist describes having “inconclusive” results in a marijuana drug test after ingesting a ton of pectin, a fiber-rich plant-derived substance that is often used in jams and juices. The article describes the soluble fiber working similarly to a substance called bentonite clay, which can apparently mask the use of any drug.

“Take two tablespoons of bentonite clay twice daily, two to five days out, with plenty of water,” Shane Ellison, an organic chemistry expert and author of a book about natural cures, told Thrillist. “The clay will bind to the drugs and escort them out of the body.” Unfortunately, the writer notes about using pectin: “It tastes pretty vile.”