The parents of a seven-year old boy with Down’s Syndrome are criticizing the Roman Catholic Church for not allowing him to take his first Holy Communion.

The Diocese of Leeds told the child’s mother, Clare Ellarby in a letter that her son Denum had “limited concentration” and was not prepared for the sacrament, according a Thursday report by the BBC.

The mother spoke out about the situation.

“It’s just disgusting. I feel really let down by the Catholic faith,” she said.

Denum is a student at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School and attends St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Batley.

Denum has “limited concentration, doesn’t really access the RE curriculum and does not enjoy going to Mass,” the Diocese wrote in the letter.

The church recommended that Denum take his first Holy Communion when he was “better placed to understand” it. That would “enrich his whole experience,” according to the letter.

The diocese said children could only take part in the sacrament when “they take part in the Church’s life and understand the Church’s faith.”

The diocese said Denum had not done that.

“We hope that this will change as Denum grows and we are working with him and his family to help him achieve this,” the diocese wrote.

The Dewsbury Reporter said Xanthe Breen of the Down's Syndrome Association has been speaking with the family abou their concerns. "It's not something we have ever heard before. It's a shame all parties can't come to a compromise."