Recently, a fatberg was removed from the London sewer system.

What is a fatberg? you may very well ask.

Basically, it's the most disgusting lump you can think of, one made up of congealed fat and flushed baby wipes, and in this case it was literally, if we believe the reports from Britian, the size of a bus. Having become lodged in sewer drain pipes beneath a road in a southwest London suburb, this lump was discovered when residents in nearby apartments began to complain that they couldn't flush their toilets. Thames Water investigated and when engineers sent a probe down, they discovered a 15-ton lump wedged below Kingston upon Thames. Next, they spent 10 nights trying to dislodge it with high-pressure jets.

"It was so big it damaged the sewer and repairs will take up to six weeks," said Gordon Hailwood, Waste Contracts supervisor for Thames Water, speaking to the BBC.

Although fatbergs occur routinely, according to Thames Water, they wanted to share the news of this particular lump in the hopes that people will stop dumping any ole thing down their drains.

‘Untreated’ fatbergs can cause flooding, after all.