Andre Palmer didn’t expect to have his wife take his picture, or for the entire world to see, when he made it to the hospital after a long night shift and curled up underneath his son’s bed to sleep. But the photo of the devoted father lying underneath his young son’s hospital bed has gone viral, touching hearts all over the world.

Andre’s wife, Amy Palmer, wrote that she had fallen asleep in a chair in the hospital room when her husband came in. Instead of waking her, he chose the floor instead. Writing on Facebook, Amy described her husband as a “hard-working man dedicated to his family,” who was “so tired” but still came to be with his son anyway. She also noted that he deserved “Father of the year award.”

The young boy was in the hospital after suffering from an asthma attack, according to ABC-affiliate WQAD8. Despite exhaustion, the parents made sure not to leave their son’s side. “I took the picture because I thought what a selfless thing for my husband to do,” Amy wrote in a follow-up post. “He could have went home after work, he could have asked me to get up… It was early in the morning and Andre Palmer just got done working third shift and dropping our daughter off at daycare. He was literally exhausted himself!”

After taking the photo, Amy brought her husband up to the bed and tucked him under a blanket. Fortunately, after praises and responses flowed in through Facebook, Amy provided a post showing her son home from the hospital and seemingly doing well.