One more drug for obesity treatment has been rejected by the US Food and Drug Administration because it can be harmful for a patient's health.

The FDA in analysing the studies of the drug Lorcaserin, found in animal studies that the drug has potential to generate tumors and cancer in humans. Though, the medicine could marginally help overweight people to reduce their excess flab, the FDA found the risks overweigh the benefits from the drug.

Recently, another obesity drug Meridia was withdrawn from drug stores for fear of harming individuals who consume the drug.

Arena Pharmaceuticals is the maker of the Lorcaserin drug. The animal trials done on rats found risk of the drug generating tumours in each of the tests the FDA conducted. The FDA also found the benefits of the drug "marginal" on patients who are obese due to them being diabetic in a 12 month trial.

Lorcaserin is developed as a drug that would reduce the appetite of a patient who consumes the medicine.

Arena Pharmaceuticals promised that they would work with the FDA in address any issues on the drug. Many pharma companies are investing billions of dollars in developing drugs that tackle over weight individuals. In fact, Obesity is talked about as an epidemic in the United States.