Lawyers for Barack Obama and other defendants in the U.S. Citizens Association's lawsuit against Obama's health care overhaul have asked a federal judge in Akron, Ohio for more time to respond to the lawsuit suit because "this case presents claims not yet addressed in other litigation."

"In other words, Obama's lawyers need more time to figure out how to answer questions that only we have raised about the various illegalities contained in the substance and nature of Obamacare", says U.S. Citizens Association Executive Director Lance Davis.

USCA was among the first citizen membership groups in the nation to challenge Obamacare in court, filing our suit on May 12, 2010 - shortly after Obama signed the bill into law. Since then, other organizations and several states have filed separate suits against the bill. But Obama lawyers and Justice Department officials have asked for more time to come up with answers to questions that only USCA has raised.

In asking for additional time, Obama lawyers said they needed to have extensive consultation with the Executive Branch to come up with a reply to issues raised by USCA. The lawyers said, "Although some claims raised by plaintiffs are similar to those the United States (or one of its agencies) is defending in other lawsuits, this case presents claims not yet addressed in other litigation." Judge David Dowd granted the White House and other agencies named in the suit until August 12 to answer the suit.

A copy of the original complaint, as well as the government's request for an additional 30 days to respond can be found on the U.S. Citizens Association website at