Cali Ransom, 4, suffers from a rare skin disease that prevents her from sweating and causes her to itch constantly and overheat easily. Thanks to Arizona firefighter Luke Anderson and the Core Control Cooling Glove used by him and his colleagues, Cali could soon live the normal life that she and her parents always dreamed of.

After he was contacted by the Ransom family, Anderson brought over an exclusive tool used by firefighters that helps cool their body temperature while running into a burning building. By way of controlled temperature settings and an internal vacuum, the Core Control Cooling Gloves lowers human body temperature by increasing blood flow.

The family is taking 60 days to test out the device and see what kind of effect it has on Cali’s problem with overheating. Cali’s father, Chuck, said his daughter is forced to skip out of field trips and hanging out with friends due to her skin condition.

“This is a chance for her to enjoy a few of those activities with her friends and put the glove on and bring the core temperature down,” Chuck Ransom told Fox News. “Maybe not as long as two hours outside; she might only be able to go out for 15 minutes, but that’s something for her.”

Ichthyosis lamellar is a genetic skin disorder that causes dead skin to accumulate and form dry, thick scales on top of skin. Although there is no cure for ichthyosis, medication derived from vitamin A and prescription creams and ointments do help ease discomfort.

“The easiest way to describe it is her body produces skin much faster than you or I, and then she sheds much (more) slowly,” Cali’s mom, Donna, told Fox News.