Almost 55 to 78 percent of your body is made of up of water, and the reason why this is so as it performs several functions that is integral to the functioning of your body.

But the bottom line is that every cell needs water to function at their best, and this one of the biggest reasons why one must drink water every day.However, if you aren’t convinced yet, here are some benefits that might make you think twice:

Weight Loss
As simple as this sounds, drinking water can help you lose weight as it washes the residual fat breakdown that remain after the process of digestion. It also flushes out toxins that are in the body while also increasing one’s metabolism. Not only will one stop feeling hungry ever so often but water works as an effective appetite suppressant so that you eat less. And best of all, water has zero calories.

Healthier Skin
Not only does water make your skin look younger but it also increases skin elasticity as well. And since it acts as an excellent blood purifier and detoxifier, your face will clear up as well. Conversely, you will actually be able to see the difference if you do not drink water.

Natural Remedies for headache and digestion
While there several reasons for one to have a headache, dehydration can be one of them. Another big benefit of drinking water is that the body waste from digestion dissolves in water, thus making it easier for one to pass stools easier.

Beneficial for the heart
According to scientific studies, drinking water benefits the heart a lot as both men and women, who drink at least five glasses of water a day, tend to reduce the risk of heart disease by almost 40-50%.

Keeps you on your feet while improving concentration
Not only does drinking water keep you energized (especially if you have an exercise routine) but it also enables people to concentrate better at work. Since water helps the blood to transport oxygen, keeping the body hydrated will ensure that you energy levels will be higher.