One of the most popular forms of cardiovascular exercise is the activity also known as jogging or running. Not only does it have physical benefits attached with it but it also improves one’s psychological health as well.

Blame it on the mind-body connection, but you will stand to gain if you wish to spend time jogging or running every day, and so here are some benefits:

Reduces body fat levels

For every mile that you jog, one will burn about 150 calories, and so if one keeps this up on a regular basis, you will find yourself losing body fat in a healthy way while also increasing the number of calories that you burn while resting for the next 48 hours after you’ve completed your jog for the day.

Reduces high blood pressure levels

High blood pressure often causes the blood vessel walls to weaken and this can lead to hemorrhage, aneurysms and atherosclerosis if it gets out of hand. From a larger perspective, high blood pressure also restricts the flow of blood to and from the heart while also having to work twice as hard (or harder) to pump blood through these damaged or blocked blood vessels.All this changes when one works on improving cardiovascular fitness [read: which involves the working of your heart and lungs], as it has been documented that this helps reduce blood pressure levels as well.

Treatment of diabetes

An inactive lifestyle and being overweight can increase the risk of getting diabetes, and this can be countered by jogging regularly.

Strengthens the Immune system

It has been documented that both aerobic and anaerobic exercise stimulate the production of macrophages (cells which attack bacteria) and lymphocytes (white blood cells) while also ensuring that the immune system cells circulate throughout the body, thus strengthening one’s immune system.

Improved Mental Fitness

Jogging doesn’t just have physical benefits but mental ones too, as it builds confidence and your self-image, especially if you are constantly working towards your fitness goals. And not only can one get rid of anger but also reduce stress and improve your overall mood by the release of the feel-good hormones known as endorphins.