Healthcare experts often hold divergent views about the criticality of cleansing the body via bowel movement.

Many people can go to any lengths to keep their insides clean. But it is not necessary to have a BM every day to remain fit and clean.

Every person has a different BM depending on the lifestyle, body’s metabolism, and the diet. Here are few points to note:

1. Your bowel movements can happen every day or every alternate day. Doctors say that it is normal to have a BM even once or twice a week. But if you feel any discomfiture for missing out on BM then you are suffering from constipation.

2. Constipation does not build up toxins in your body. So enemas or colon cleansing may not be a very good idea since regular practice of this can weaken your muscles and lead to further constipation.

3. You need fiber in your diet to have a smooth BM. Too much dairy in your diet can cause constipation. You need five servings of fiber including fruits and vegetables to beat hard BM.

4. You must never ignore nature’s call, since holding it in for release later can aggravate constipation.

5. Starting your day with two glasses of water with little lemon in it is a good way to fight constipation.

6. Medication can cause hard stools. Medicines for pain, diabetes, blood pressure are biggest culprits when it comes to constipation. Vitamin D and iron supplement can cause constipation.