The modern day lifestyle involves a lot of hours behind a computer with users often staring into the desktop or laptop for long. The resultant fatigue could cause several health disorders, not to mention office ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and stress.

While one cannot avoid going to work, the best way to keep one fresh and energetic during and after working hours is to follow a workout regimen during office hours. These simple exercises do not require any advance preparation or loads of time.

They are designed to relax the body and mind in a fashion that they remain as fresh at the end of the day as they were when you went into work. We suggest you start doing these five exercises immediately for keeping workplace stress at bay:

1) Sink deep into your chair and straighten your back. Also straighten your arms and push down the chair while simultaneously attempting to lift yourself up. Now, take deep breaths and straighten your upper half of the body. Breathe in and out five times. Repeat this once every 40 minutes.

2) Put your right hand on the back of the chair and the on your right thigh, and twist the upper half of your body by applying a little pressure. Move the lower part the other way while breathing out. Try this on both the sides. Breathe in while in normal position and breathe out while stretching.

3) Move to the edge of your seat. Straighten your legs and keep your heels down and toes straight. Bend and move the upper half of your body down so that your navel touches the thigh. Do not exert this movement and only bend as much as you comfortably can. Breathe naturally while bending and move back up slowly. Repeat this exercise thrice as part of one round. Do it at least thrice daily.

4) Stand up next to a table. Put both your hands on it and open your legs. Slowly straighten your body and legs. Now slowly bend forward without folding your elbows or knees by moving your hip backwards and bringing down your head.Be careful to have a proper grip on the table and ensure that you are not on a slippery surface. Take deep breaths while moving back and forth. Try and stretch as far as possible while performing this exercise.

5) Keep a good posture by holding your back straight. During the breaks, stretch your body and relax.