Why is apple considered so special among all fruits? Maybe, it combines several benefits which are specific to individual fruits? Read on to find out:

1) Immunity booster: Apples are rich with vitamin C. This fruit vitamin is found to be playing a key role in myriad of ways in the human body. Boosting the immune system against various diseases is one of the major benefits of vitamin C. This could be perhaps, the reason behind the saying: ``An apple a day keeps doctor away''.

2) Protector of heart: Apples have a cardio protective benefit as they contain great amounts of flavanoids and phenols. Flavanoids are antioxidants that help in preventing cardiovascular risks. Whereas phenols cut down the so-called bad cholesterols in the blood which are found leading to hypertension heart diseases and help to boost the amount of heart-friendly lipids.

3) Anti-cancer benefits: Apples are considered beneficial for preventing several forms of cancers affecting colon, prostate and breasts.

4) Guards teeth: Juice of apple is good to your teeth as some of the substances in it can kill bacteria that cause tooth decay.

5) Prevents neurodegenerative diseases: The phytonutrients found in apples have a protective effective on the brain cells that can keep off the neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.