As one grows old, there are several lifestyle changes that need to be incorporated toensure good health and longevity. There are some important things that all of us needto take care for a healthy way of living. Below are five such recipes for a green old age:

1) A set of simple stretch and bend exercises done regularly helps keep the bodysupple. It can keep your ageing body parts well-oiled and free from wear and tear.Exercise improves the overall function of the body and promotes brain regenerationas old age is often associated with a marked decline in mental abilities. Researchsuggests that regular exercises help slow down the progress of many diseases likedementia and arthritis besides reducing the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

2) A diet scheme that can take care of almost all the nutritional requirements is amust for old age. Avoid foods that are sweet, stuffed or fried as anything containingtoo much oil or sugar can hamper liver function. Add fruits and vegetables andcalcium rich food products to the menu while continuing to partake in diary andeggs as they provide much needed calcium and mineral to strengthen the bones.

3) Drinking plain water helps cleanse the body organs and ensure their smoothfunctioning. Drinking enough water could lessen the chances of getting certain urineproblems and kidney stones.

4) Loneliness in old age can lead to depression, which in turn is linked to diseasesaffecting the body and mind. It is important for the elderly to keep themselvesengaged in some sort of sportive activities. Socializing with friends and families,indulging in some pastimes and hobbies are simple ways to avoid loneliness.

5) The elderly should visit their physicians quite often. Old age is susceptible tomany diseases and periodic medical checkup is important to make timely medicalinterventions. It is also important for seniors to follow the instructions and implementall the suggestions given by their physicians.