Bearing the scientific name, Citrus Aurantifolio, lime has been around for centuries and is still considered one of the most beneficial vegetables when it comes to its natural benefits and curative properties.

Since lime contains natural antioxidants, this citrus vegetable (which is not to be confused with the lemon) clears the body of free radicals, thus increasing the pH levels of one’s body making them lead a healthier and energetic life and free of disease.

Lime has been known to have certain medicinal properties for a long time now, and here is a list of diseases or medical conditions that it deal with effectively:

Common Cold
If you are allergic to citrus fruits, a glass of lime juice prepared with warm water along with a tablespoon of honey is ideal not only for a dry cough and cold but it also ideal for fevers as well because of the healing properties of Vitamin C.

Digestive disorders

Bilious vomiting, indigestion and acidity are common health issue that people face, and a combination of lime and an equal quantity of honey is effective in the treatment of these disorders. Due to the presence of flavonoids in lime, this substance stimulates the digestive system to produce the juices that will ensure smooth digestion.


If one drinks a glass of honey and lime with water (yet again), this has benefits in weight reduction as the citric acid in lime works as an excellent fat-burner. If you have two glasses a day, the benefits will be obvious in a week’s time.

Eye Care

Lime has anti-oxidant properties (Vitamin C) that protect the eyes from aging as well as macular degeneration while the flavonoids protect the eyes from infections.

Skin Care

The combination of Vitamin C and flavonoids that are present in lime has a lot of positive benefits for lime, regardless of whether it is applied externally or orally ingested. Not only does it keep the skin shining but it also rejuvenates the skin while reducing body odor and protecting it from infections. When applied on skin, it removes dead skin while also curing dandruff, rashes and bruises as well.