Hangovers tend to be a fact of life the day after the night out, especially if one were out on a binge. There are as many myths about hangovers as there are liquor types available in the market.

Some suggest eating pasta after bedtime to popping pills the morning after. We provide you with five common myths about a hangover so that the next time you head out on a Friday evening binge, you can separate fact from fiction:

1. Hangovers are only for bingers - While bingers do get a hangover, it does not mean that those who do not get wasted aren't paying a price the next morning. Hangovers largely depend on body composition and even a couple of drinks can trigger a headache. Having a non-alcoholic drink like water between each hard drink can keep you hydrated and reduce overall liquor consumption.

2. Red wine is the safest - It actually contains tannins which are compounds known to trigger headaches. The same holds good for malt liquors like whisky. The gentlest choices are usually clear liquors like vodka and gin and of course beer.

3. Order of drinks does not matter - While mostly true, the order might affect depending upon the ratio of consumption. So, if you have a cosmopolitan before switching to beer, it may slow down overall consumption. But, try doing it the other way and you definitely get a hangover the next morning.

4. Eating pasta solves the problem - This one is a real myth. Eating at bedtime after you get drunk doesn't help as the food has to be in your stomach before the happy hour starts for it to have an impact. So, if your stomach has to be full, try a steak or a pizza before gulping down your first scotch.

5. Pain-killers will take care - If at all this has to work, the better bet would be to take it in the morning and not at bedtime. However, be careful to avoid acetaminophen after a binge as liquor is known to disrupt the liver's processing of this chemical leading to possible inflammation and damage.