Do you often feel taken over by the urge to nod off or catch a few winks no matter where you are? Are you finding yourself yawning often and feel droopy lidded?

These are two of the most common symptoms that should tell you that sleep deprivation and possible sleep disorder is round the corner.

Excessive sleepiness can cause health hazards like high blood pressure, obesity, loss of concentration and diabetes. Here’s how you know you have the problem:

1. You take more than half hour to fall asleep.

2. Wake up many times at night and cannot go back to sleep again.

3. Tendency to fall asleep unintentionally and during any hour of the day.

4. Sleep accompanied by snoring, choking, and gasping.

5. Tingling sensation in your legs and arms and leg jerks during sleep.

6. Waking up with headaches

7. Unable to move when you first wakeup.