Are you in the habit of partying each Friday? Or do you fail to read the warning symptoms and keep knocking back those tequila shots in a spirit of competition? If so, better watch out as alcohol should be indulged in moderation.

Intoxikon International, a Pennsylvania-based company that consults on alcohol studies suggests that generously sized glasses and refills and libations that taste like desserts join forces to put you in pain the next morning due to that hangover.

Check out the five things you can do to sip up over weekends without the fear of a haunting hangerover the next morning:

1.Drink more water: Remember that for every glass of liquor you consume, your body expels up to four times as much fluid so there is every chance that you are getting dehydrated with each additional drink taken during the evening. Try and drink enough water before the party starts and keep sipping down the occasional glass in between pegs.

2.On the rocks: Go for drinks on the rocks as when the ice melts, the drink gets diluted and you tend to sip on it slowly. This is also a sure way of taking your time with a drink. Since the body absorbs alcohol quicker than it metabolizes it, the faster one drinks, the more time the toxins spend in the body.

3.Avoid the bubbles: Try and keep away carbonated mixers from these drinks as they tend to enhance the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood. Research suggests that gas in the bubbles speeds up the process, so better use water or fruit juice.

4.Watch out for congeners: The general assumption is that clear or light liquor contains fewer fo these than the darker varieties but that is not really true. So, try and drink more expensive brands as the cheaper the drink, the higher the levels of congeners.

5.Talk a lot: Keeping a conversation going is a good way to reduce overall consumption by cutting down the pace. In addition, try and eat something during the party as a regular intake of food slows down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol.