Are you feeling less alert at work and unable to cope with the functions that you normally carry out? Is getting to work becoming an ordeal with each passing day? If so, you are probably suffering from work related stress. Try out these five easy tips for stress relief:

Get home and immediately head for the shower. Taking a relaxing bath with music in the background is a great stressbuster. Have a glass of your favorite drink and shut doors and try to think of nothing in particular. This helps you become calmer and the calmer you feel, the less distressed you get due to stress.

When was the last time you laughed uproariously? If the answer is not immediate, then it is time you indulged yourself. Get in your favorite snacks, open a bottle of wine and watch all the funny movies that you sat through in the past. Laughter is among the finest forms of stress relief.

If you feel the need for instant stress relief, tell your colleagues and get away from it all. A weekend holiday or just a day away from work could get the creative juices flowing. Having more problems accumulate over the ones you are already tackling could result in more stress. So, once in a while it is a good idea to take an unplanned break.

Having a massage done is another great stress buster. If you do not want to step out into the neighborhood parlor, indulge in a massage session with your partner. Create the right ambience at home and use lavender oil for the massage. Of course, if you want a really invigorating massage, visit a Turkish bath!

Switch off the television for a week and use the time saved by indulging in other activities like meeting friends, checking out local dining places or just sharing some cozy moments with your partner. One cannot imagine the negative vibes that television news can cause to someone undergoing stress at work.