The summer months have gone but the rains and stagnant water could become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. They not only carry malarial germs but also virus that causes dengue and encephalitis.

Experts say that these little bloodsuckers come out between dusk to dawn and one of the best ways to stay away from them is to avoid going for outdoor activities in the evening and very early morning. Here’s what you can do to avoid mosquitoes:

1. Rearrange your outdoor activities so that you avoid being outdoors in dusk and in dawn when the mosquitoes roam.

2. Cover up well when going out to grassy areas in the evening. Wear long sleeved clothes and socks.

3. Use an oil of eucalyptus based mosquito repellent on your body when going outdoors.

4. Clear out all standing or stagnant water from your home.

5. Keep a check around your house to see that there is no accumulated water in the gutters, and use a screen on doors and windows.