For a diabetic person sudden drop in sugar levels can really be dangerous. In fact it can drop even after a meal, which is called reactive hypoglycemia since the meal can contain simple sugars.

Such drops can happen when you miss a meal or you exercise rigorously. Suffice to say that a sudden decline in blood-sugar levels could be even more dangerous than the traditional diabetes. Here’s how you can deal with it:

1. Try for a balanced diet and eat frequent meals. Snack on a fruit or biscuits every two to three hours to keep the levels right

2. Avoid sugar free products instead chew on an energy bar the moment you feel palpitations coming on.

3. Keep glucose drink or powder handy.

4. Have one table spoon of sugar or a chocolate when you feel the palpitations coming on.

5. Have a protein rich or complex carbohydrate rich snack before bedtime.