A sudden shoot up of your blood pressure could result in a massive heart attack or stroke. This may be true, but remember that a heart attack can also occur when there is a cascade of events that take place over a short period of time.

Still, there can be as many as 10 other major reasons that could trigger a heart attack in a person. Researches show that when these triggers occur simultaneously a heart attack can happen very suddenly.

Another important fact to remember is that heart attacks or strokes do not always occur, depending on the heart health status and physical strength of that person. There may be many factors to take into consideration.

The five major factors that could eventually make you vulnerable to get a major event of heart attacks are:

1) Your emotional make-up

2) Amount of physical activity that you normally have on a regular basis

3) Your fluid intake and dietary management (The electrolyte balance is important too.)

4) Undiagnosed or untreated medical conditions (Diabetes or Parkinson's disease, surgical conditions, like gallstones or kidney stones cause severe pain, that can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.)

5) Patency of your blood vessels. A build up of cholesterol, a blockage can occur if you have blocked blood vessels leading to a heart attack. And if the blocked vessels happen to be in your brain, it may result in a stroke.