There are two types of people out there – those who love carbs and those who do not love carbs to that extent. Due to these mixed feelings expressed in media reports, there are many who have taken carbohydrates out of their diets.

While we hear of low carb diets, diets that promote only proteins, the real health benefits of a carb balanced diet gets buried under. So here’s what you need to know to add the good carb in your diet to get the best from your diet and stay healthy:

1) Unrefined carbs that you find in vegetables, whole fruits, grains, and beans are important to boost your sugar levels and prevent cravings.

2) Unrefined carbs also add the bulk in your diet through fiber leaving you full longer, thus helping your total calorie intake.

3) Beginning your day with unrefined carb rich and fiber rich breakfast like an oatmeal or whole-wheat cereal will give your body many essential minerals and vitamins.

4) Good carbs also lowers your cholesterol, and decreases risks of certain cancers like colon and breast.

5) You need at least 30 grams of fiber or more through good carbs to satiate your cravings and remain healthy.