Too much salt in your diet can spell disaster if you suffer from high blood pressure. Research shows that eating less salt in your food can actually improve your heart health.

We do need a bit of sodium in our diet but adding extra on top of already cooked foods is not a healthy practice.

Excessive salt in your diet can also cause bloating which not only is discomforting but also makes you look fatter than you really are. So here are few ways to cut down your salt intake:

1. When cooking food add salt in the end that way you need to add less. That way the salt gets deposited on the top layer of the food.

2. If you see that your meals have more salt, then reduce its impact on your body by eating potassium rich foods like fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

3. Avoid salt based condiments and fast foods as they have high sodium content.

4. Read the labels before buying cereals, crackers, sauces and canned food. Pick low sodium options.

5. When eating out at a restaurant request the chef to put less salt.