When Florida mother Erika Jones was told her soon-to-be second born had an aggressive brain tumor, her husband Stephen prepared for the worst. Three months prior, their unborn daughter had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, but an ultrasound at 30 weeks showed a large tumor that threatened the infant’s life.

“The doctor prepared us that this was really bad,” Jones told ABC News. “The prognosis was very poor.”

Jones, a mother of a 2-year-old named Audrey, is a nurse who works in neurology, so she was aware of the severity of her future daughter’s condition. Jones also said the tumor came as a surprise to the family and seemed to grow very quickly. After having a 26-week ultrasound, doctors found nothing wrong with the child’s brain.

Jones says it was like the tumor “literally came out of nowhere. At the 26-week ultrasound, her brain looked completely fine.” But just four weeks later, the tumor that had grown in a part of her brain appeared “massive.”

On Aug. 6, Abigail Noelle Jones was born. Doctors told the family she may die shortly after birth, but she did not. Inspired by their story, professional photographer Mary Huszcza took photos of the family and their new baby girl.

Unfortunately, after Abigail’s birth, an MRI revealed that the tumor had grown. They diagnosed the case as an aggressive form of brain cancer and told the Jones they could not give Abigail chemo, because it would likely kill her. An operation was ruled out as well, because it could not prevent the tumor from coming back. The Jones decided to take their daughter home and take care of her themselves.

Though Abigail’s condition has not changed, the Jones say they have hope for their baby girl and know that if she cannot be healed in this life, she will be healed in the next.

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