A 45-year-old Florida official inserted a glass pipe into his rectum in order to hide it from the cops, a police report says.

Carlos López, Hialeah's purchasing director, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale after getting high on methamphetamine as he was driving. “López appeared visually shaken and seating,” the arrest report, signed by an officer known as R. Goderstad, read.

“López’s face was flushed from an apparent rise in body temperature and pupils were dilated. As López searched for his license I observed involuntary muscle spasms in López’s face as well as slurred repetitive speech. These symptoms are consistent with being under the influence of methamphetamine.”

According to the report, Goderstad saw López’s car driving slowly, when it was approached by several men. When they noticed the police car, they scattered and López then sped away before being stopped by Goderstad. López had reportedly been attempting to insert the meth pipe into his rectum while driving.

“López admitted to have a methamphetamine glass pipe inside his anal cavity,” the police report read. “López then stated he placed it in his rectum as he was being pulled over so I wouldn’t find it if I searched his vehicle.” López has been demoted to a leadership post in Public Works as opposed to purchasing director.