The flu season every year sees scores of people sniffling, coughing and combating annoying recurrences of fever and runny nose. Then there are the frequent headaches that make people feel sluggish all the time. Sure, opioid drugs are the easiest way to bust the symptoms, but they have their own set of shortfalls, including dizziness.

If you can't stop coughing or blowing your nose, and loathe the idea of ingesting drugs, here are some home remedies that can put things on the mend:

1. Butterbur

Many studies have found that butterburs--extracted from a shrub native to Europe, Asia, and parts of North America--effectively treat flu symptoms. At the onset of flu, the body produces histamines, which swell and cause blood vessels to dilate. A 2007 study said the herb has antihistamine properties, which means symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat can be tackled by its consumption. That too, minus the drowsiness.

2. Green tea

The antioxidant properties and chemical makeup of green tea are known to break down flu symptoms. A 2018 study published in PubMed Central backed up this claim by saying that tea catechins enhance immunity against viral infection, which is why "regular consumption of green tea decreases influenza infection rates and some cold symptoms, and that gargling with tea catechin may protect against the development of influenza infection."

3. Eucalyptus oil

Essential oils are known to have properties that fight viruses associated with the common cold and ease nasal congestion. A study published in 2010 in Alternative Medicine Review found that eucalyptus oil has an antimicrobial effect that combats inflammation, releases muscle tension, and relieves pain.

4. Air filter

Air purifiers were having a huge moment during the COVID-19 pandemic for being able to cleanse the air of harmful viruses. As we know, flu spreads through droplets from infected persons, so having a high-performing air filter in the home can tackle the germs that travel through the air and minimize the intensity of disease-causing pollens in the living area.

5. Chicken soup

Having a bowl of warm, protein-rich chicken soup is one perfect way to beat the flu blues. Furthermore, inhaling the steam can also work wonders in clearing a stuffy nose. Though eating the right food wins only half the battle for you, it can bring you a great deal of comfort just when you need it.

6. Neti Pot

The long-necked, thin spout can shove open the sinus passages by pushing a flow of saline. The trusty tool removes mucus and allergens inside your nasal passage and soothes irritation.

The common symptoms of flu are fever, headaches and body aches and in some cases could cause sore throat and post-nasal drip. Pixabay