There is rarely a good reason to skip the flu shot, and having already suffered with the virus this year is not one of them. The flu shot is an easy way to prevent a disease that can cause a lot of pain and complications; there are two main reasons why you should still receive this vaccination even if you’ve already fallen sick with the bug.

As pointed out by The New York Times, one of the major caveats with this excuse is that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to verify that you’ve actually had the flu without a proper lab test. The symptoms of the flu are so similar to other illnesses, such as the common cold, that some people and even doctors can misdiagnose the illness.

And even if you do have a test to verify that you did in fact have “the flu” it's even more difficult to pinpoint which strain you fell sick with. During flu season there are multiple strains of the virus going around, so it is possible to get sick with two different flu strains within the same season. The flu vaccine protects you against multiple strains of the virus, significantly lowering these chances, Consumer Reports reported.

Another misconception about the flu shot is that women who are pregnant shouldn’t receive the vaccination. The flu vaccine has been shown to be safe for pregnant women no matter the trimester of their pregnancy. Not only does a flu shot protect the mother from falling ill, but it also offers protection to her unborn child who will not be able to be vaccinated during the first few months of its life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the only individuals who legitimately should not receive the flu shot are those who are severely allergic to the ingredient used to create the vaccine and infants under six months of age.

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