There are many foods that we use to treat our bodies' daily issues — the most common one? Drinking coffee in the morning. Not only is it something that people are used to, but as a society that's constantly on the go, coffee helps many Americans sustain energy throughout their day.

However, there are a number of other ways to cure these common troubles without turning to pharmaceuticals. According to this Buzzfeed video, there are actually many foods you can eat depending on your ailment.

  1. Energy Boost: Eat citrus. They contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, which can boost your energy and make you more alert.
  2. Tired: Before you drink that fourth cup of coffee, reach for a water bottle or glass of water. Chances are you’re not really tired, just dehydrated.
  3. Focus: Eat eggs, which produce choline, a water-soluble essential nutrient that helps to boost memory.
  4. Mental Awareness: Coffee gives your brain the boost it needs, but all you may need is about 16 ounces, in one cup.
  5. Relieve Stress: Dark chocolate is great for a number of things because it’s high in antioxidants, which lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.
  6. Feeling Sick: Avocados are high in vitamin E, so they can pack a punch for your immune system. Garlic also works, as it helps relax blood vessels.
  7. Sleep: Cherries, almonds, and bananas all possess immense nutritional value, which can promote melatoning production, and thus, a better night's sleep.