There’s no doubt that eating affects one’s metabolism. Most experts consider your metabolism to be affected in three ways and this includes your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the level of physical activity and the thermic effects of the foods you eat.

So, here are some foods that give your metabolism a boost:


It has been acknowledged by health studies that when more protein-based foods are eaten, your body uses up much more energy to break the food down as opposed to foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates.Since most people’s diets are rich in carbs and low in protein, it is a good idea to moderate these levels by reducing the amount of carbs while increasing the amount of protein. Just be careful of not overdoing it though.


Replacing the snacks that you eat with simple and complex (and fibrous) carbohydrates which consist of foods such as fruits, vegetables, rice, whole grains and pasta and so on and so forth can result in giving your metabolism a boost.


Water does not directly boost your metabolism but prevents dehydration which in turn, causes the body to stop performing basic functions. This means that the body will burn lesser calories. Drinking water will ensure that these basic functions are performed, and that the body will continue to burn the regular amount of calories.

Spicy Foods

There are spices, that when added to foods, tend to exhibit thermogenic properties i.e. stimulate your body’s fat burning processes. Not only does this happen but due to the spiciness, the body’s temperate is also raised thus leading to a boost in metabolism. One must be careful though to not overdo it or else succumb to ulcers and so on and so forth which stem from the excess consumption of spicy foods.