Although it often seems difficult, there are many easy ways to lose your pregnancy weight. All you have to do is find what works best for you. It might be exercising more, eating less or more healthily, or maybe even eating different foods.

Your diet does not have to consist of bland, tasteless meals three times a day; there are many unique and tasty foods that are healthy, satisfying, and can help you lose a clothing size fast! At Lose Baby Weight we believe in nourishing your body with nutrients so you are healthier, crave less sugar and lose your weight. Plus we like to give you lots of food suggestions that will help to boost your weight loss naturally and boost metabolism.

Top 5 Foos to help weight loss

  1. Beans – One great metabolism booster is beans. Beans have a chemical called cholecystokinin, which naturally helps curb your appetite. They are rich in fibre keeping your bowel movements regular, not to mention they can lower your cholesterol. There are also many types of dishes that call for beans such as Mexican dishes, salads, and casseroles. You can eat a variety of beans on their own too, or use them to dip wholegrain tortilla chips or crackers in for lunch or a snack. Overall beans can keep you feeling great and help you maintain your weight.

  2. Nuts – If you are a sucker for potato chips, try eating a handful of nuts instead. Although nuts are high in calories and packed with fat, numerous studies have shown people who snack on nuts instead of crackers, chips, and other greasy snacks tend to boost their metabolism by up to eleven percent and are usually slimmer. If you are struggling to choose which kinds of nuts are best to eat, why not consider walnuts which contain omega three fatty acid; important for keeping your body healthy.

  3. Tofu – Eating tofu can be another one of the easy ways of weight loss. Many people take a disliking to tofu, but when fried in olive oil (yet another great metabolism booster) or cooked with vegetables and wholegrain rice, it can be flavorful and yummy. Tofu is also packed with an appetite squashing protein, making you eat less than you normally would. In a study done at Louisiana University, participants were split into two groups in which one was given an appetizer containing tofu and the second group was given an appetizer without tofu. They found that those who had tofu tended to eat less during the main course of the meal.

  4. Cinnamon – Cinnamon can also be great to help you control past meal insulin spikes and eat healthier throughout the day. A study found that just one quarter teaspoon of cinnamon everyday can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides in people who suffer from type two diabetes. Some great ways to incorporate cinnamon into your daily diet are: putting it into warm, skim milk or coffee, adding it into your smoothies, sprinkling in your oatmeal or cereal, or even putting a little shake of it on toast.

  5. Garlic - Garlic is another great fat burner that can help you keep extra weight off and sustain a slim figure. It has the ability to breakdown unwanted fats in the blood that can often lead to high cholesterol and reduce fat in the bodies’ fat cells. You can add garlic to numerous Italian, Mexican, Greek or American dishes and snacks.

There are endless foods that can help you in your race to lose weight. Learning and understanding the health benefits of different foods is one of the keys to being successful if you are serious about finding easy ways of weight loss.