For a long time now, protein has been touted to be the food that builds and repairs one’s system not forgetting the role of the other nutrients which also determine the health levels of one’s body. While meat is considered to be one of the highest sources of protein, plant protein is not so bad with options such as soybeans also containing high protein levels as well.

And since it’s a known fact that consuming protein-rich foods can increase energy levels in the body while also building mass as well, here is a list of foods that one can eat in order to benefit in terms of their overall health.

1. Meat

a) Elk meat: 25.9 g

b) Buffalo steak (top round): 26.3 g

c) Lamb loin: 32.1 g

2. Dairy

a) 1 cup of Milk (skim): 8 g

b) Cottage Cheese (1 % low-fat): 17.5 g

c) Cottage Cheese (non-fat): 16.2 g

3. Poultry

a) Deer meat: 25 g

b) Ostrich steak: 28 g

c) Chicken breast (all variants): 26 g

4. Vegetables

a) Canned Black beans: 7 g

b) Canned Lima beans: 7 g

c) Adzuki Beans (1/2 cup): 8.7 g

d) Lentils: 9 g

5. Seafood

a) Shrimp: 23 g

b) Yellow Fin Tuna (steak): 26.5 g

c) Wild Alaskan Salmon: 28.8 g

6. Cereal, Pasta, Bread and Grains

a) Multi-grain bagel: 11 g

b) Whole wheat plain bagels: 12 g

c) Uncooked Quinoa: 10 g

7. Fruits

a) Cantaloupe: 2.3 g

b) Dried Goji berries: 4 g

c) Pitted Cherries: 2 g

8. Nuts, Seeds, Oils and Fats

a) Raw Peanuts: 8.6 g

b) Pumpkin seeds (Shelled and roasted): 9.4 g

c) Hemp seeds: 11.4 g

9. Fibrous vegetables

a) Artichoke (fresh and edible portions): 4.2 g

b) Raw and chopped Broccoli: 4.6 g

c) Frozen Green Peas: 4 g