Headaches put you through a lot of misery, and there are many people who suffer from these bouts of pain either because of migraines or sinusitis. While this is an indicator of the physical and mental imbalance in one’s body, the truth is that one can alleviate this pain by focusing on drinking a lot of water as well as eating certain foods.
And so here is a list of certain foods that will keep you from getting those headaches that could do without:

Whole grains

Following a low carbohydrate diet, one will begin to reduce the glycogen stores (the main source of energy for your brain) while increasing also fluid loss that also results in dehydration as well. Both of these factors can result in triggering headaches. So, it is important to include fruits, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and so on and so forth (in other words, rich in carbohydrates) in your diet to prevent these headaches.


Water-rich foods such as watermelons can prevent dehydration along with supplying your body with several essential minerals as well, and in turn, prevent headaches as well. It is also advised that people also opt for electrolyte-based fluids to prevent headaches after a long workout.


Since fatty fish are rich in essential minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, the latter can inhibit inflammations that can trigger headaches. It is a good idea to eat fish supplements if you cannot have fish every day.


Ginger is not only a good cure for nausea but also is effective against headaches because of its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties as well. Not only is it commonly available as ginger tea but it can also be combined with other beverages.


When one is dealing with a hangover-related headache, this occurs not just because of dehydration but also because of a potassium deficiency. And this can be resolved by eating potassium-rich foods such as potatoes that will definitely increase your potassium levels but also stop you from getting a headache.