Although the National Football League (NFL) doesn’t kickoff until next week, a new brand of the sport is in full swing in San Marcos, Texas. The Unicycle Football League (UFL) was launched earlier this month, featuring all of the physicality of the NFL and the nonstop action of single-wheeled transport.

The only thing tougher than the tackles on the concrete parking lot gridiron are mustaches carried by the leagues’ hipster competitors. The contests require a unique mixture of athletic skills: balance, endurance, and physical ruggedness.

The UFL rules mirror the one from the pedestrian version of the game, with kickoffs, quarterbacks, punting, and field goals. Ball carriers are considered “down” when they are knocked from their unicycles, although some players use belt flags. The league also includes libero-style players equipped with a long wooden stick who can joust opponents off of their unicycles.

Flaunting helmets and team names like the Bierdos and the Unicychos (“uni-psychos"), the new sport will be on display at the NYC Unicycle Festival this weekend and will be featured in a short film on the Discovery Channel this September.

The UFL season is scheduled to run until May 2014.