The former chief executive of the French manufacturer responsible for Poly Implant Prothese breast implants that are prone to rupturing was arrested Thursday morning in southeast France as part of a judicial investigation into accusations of manslaughter and involuntary injuries.

Jean-Claude Mas has admitted the gel used in his company’s implants wasn’t standard but saved money in production. Roughly 300,000 PIP implants were sold worldwide before the company folded in 2010.

Also arrested was Mas’ former deputy Claude Couty, a regional official told the Associated Press.

No specific defendants have been named, but Judge Annaick Le Goff opened the investigation after a woman filed a lawsuit in 2010 after her daughter, a PIP implant recipient, succumbed to cancer.

Mas’ defense lawyer Yves Haddad has previously denounced the "numerous un-truths, nonsense and aberrations" in the case, but said Mas would only speak with authorities.