Subway , the fast food restaurant that prides itself on being “the undisputed leader in providing consumers with choices, including many healthier meal options,” may be in a bit of hot water once this video goes viral. A video that recently surfaced online exposes the alleged deceptive marketing strategy Subway implores to trick customers into thinking its sandwich choices are a healthier option compared to other fast food chains.

The video, allegedly created by former Subway employee Arun Singhal, 30, was leaked by an unknown third party and could be in breach of a restraining order filed against Singhal this past May. Singhal, who formerly owned a Subway franchise in Melbourne, Australia, claims the company tricked him into closing his store by promising ownership over another store location in a popular area. However, when the company denied Singhal his new location, the disgruntled employee cooked up a $35 million blackmail scheme in exchange for his silence.

“After they took my authorization to close the store and I closed the store, then they completely changed their words,” Singhal told the Daily Mail. “I was told that they don't have any new location right now and I might have to wait for two to three years for a new location. Here a family man lost $350,000 in Subway's investment. They left me with no option then to declare bankruptcy. I told the ‘Sandwich Mafia’ that if you don't compensate me for the loss of business, I am going to media to tell everyone about my story.”

In light of Singhal’s threat, Subway filed a restraining order with the Supreme Court in Victoria back in May that prohibited the ex-employee from releasing any information that would reveal the company’s recipes or method of operation. While the video that was released this past Tuesday would clearly be in violation of the restraining order, Singhal claims the copy was stolen off of his laptop and posted by an anonymous user.